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Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Trap


  • With UV-light ensnare, smell of the clay ensnare, air current ensnare integrate technology, the method and effect of ensnare is excellent.
  • Mosquitoes are inhaled to bottom, and died from air-drying, no noise sounds like "pa pa" as electric shock mosquito catcher does not have high voltage, so it is very safe and quite.
  • This Electric Mosquito Zapper can catch mosquitoes continuously because the alive mosquitoes can release on kind of chemical signal or sexual information to attract the opposite sex.
  • The Electric Mosquito Killer can catch female mosquitoes continuously at same space, can cut breeding cycle of mosquitoes in the space and around so that it can kill mosquitoes as a throng.
  • Light-catalyzed effect not only can simulate person's breath to trap mosquitoes but also can kill various kinds of bacteria in air, draw in and analyze poisonous or harm gas to clean air.
  • When you use it to kill fly, you can put some candy into the store room, using light, smell and air current to kill it.


Input: 220V 50Hz
Power: 8W, ON/OFF switch.
Material: Plastic Casing, Alloy Mesh

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