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Water Magic

Water Magic

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  • Agriculture
  • Land Reclamation
  • Floriculture
  • Commercial Horticulture Landscaping
  • Reforestation
  • Reforestation Golf Courses
  • Sports Turf
  • Plant Transportation & Storage


Watermagic® reduces the frequency of irrigation

Watermagic® minimises the water and nutrient losses due to seepage, evaporation and surface runoff. The plant uses the total amount of water applied. By increasing the water use efficiency more biomass is produced with less water. At the same time the efficiency of nutrients is enhanced.

Watermagic® activates sustainable root growth The fast growth of the root mass leads to an increased capacity for water and nutrient uptake. The plant will survive dry spells for longer without irreversible damage.

Watermagic® the survival during plant establishment Young plants are very sensitive to planting out and drought stress with result in low survival rates and plant losses. Due to a moreuniform water supply

Watermagic® will result in an improved and faster plant establishment

Watermagic® increase the safety margin in plant production and plant quality

Watermagic® creates optimum conditions for plant growth

Watermagic® has a positive effect on the water and nutrient supply, as well as on the porosity and permeability of soils and potting mixes.

Thereby gives WaterMagic® gives at better safety margin with regard to yield and quality of crops. The profitability of plant production will be enhanced

WaterMagic® has a long-lasting effect A particular feature of WaterMagic® is its very quick re-wetting ability whilst in the soil, even after completely drying out. WaterMagic® retains the ability of ok repeated water absorption and release over a long period of time.

Watermagic® is environmentally safe and compatible and highly organic

Horticulture substrates with WaterMagic® extend the market life of container plants

Most bedding plants are grown in containers that make them very susceptible to water stress. The problem is combounded by retail market-place conditions where watering frequency is often a function of managerial convenience rather then plant demand.Watermagic® is commercially used as amendment to modify the water status of growth media. Beneficial effects of Watermagic® are increased water-holding capacity, improved aeration and drainage, better root development, extended shelf-life of container growth plants, reduced watering requirements, improved top growth and flowering, Avoidance of water stress and protection against possible plant injury is of significant value to growers and retainers.

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