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Repellers India LLP is a newly formed company involved in the manufacturing and imports of anti-mosquito repellent products and pain-relief products.

  • Portable Water Filter

    Portable Water Filter

    Drink Pure team is specialized in portable water treatment as a world-leading manufacturer of qualified water treatment...

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  • Safety Vests

    Safety Vests

    High-visibility (HV) clothing, a type of personal protective equipment (PPE), is any clothing worn that has highly reflective properties...

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  • Solar lantern

    Solar lantern

    Runbucks is firm registered in Delhi in 2011. We are group Rof companies engaged in implementing...

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  • Anti Mosquito Repellent

    Anti Mosquito Patch

    Our anti-mosquito range is being promoted under our brand RunBugzTM . We aim to introduce several new products...

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  • Water Magic

    Water Magic

    AP shall be applied at the root. Don't expose SAP in the air. SAP can't make water, it is effective for drought-resistance only...

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welcome to Repellers India LLP

Repellers India LLP is a newly formed company by two young and dynamic individuals who have been involved in international business for almost 2 decades – Nakul Jain and Mohit Jain.

Repellers India LLP is currently involved in the manufacturing and imports of several innovative products such as anti-mosquito repellent products, pain-relief products, portable water purification pipes, water retaining granules, solar lanterns etc. These products are being promoted under the brands RunBugz, QuickHeatWarmers, DrinkPure, WaterMagic etc.

Each of our brands stands for our belief of providing good value and commitment towards our customers. We strongly believe that constant innovation to bring high quality products at a reasonable price to the end consumer will directly result in the success of our business.

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